Cosatto Supa - Sunburst

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  • Chest pads and headhugger  
  • Reversible 4 way Cosy Toes with kangaroo pouch and reversible zip-off fleece liner
  • Raincover
  • 4 year guarantee (UK & Ireland only)
  • Stroller
  • Spacious storage basket
  • Cup Holder

- Magic motif wheel rims for that warp-drive wow factor.
- With mp3 attachment and speakers, incidental sound effects can follow your mini heroes wherever they go (or munchkin’s favourite nursery rhymes).
- Front swivel wheels let you whizz round in phone boxes for wonder wardrobe moments.
- For port or starboard, these are superhero fuel carriers disguised as courteous cup hammocks.
- Padded, adjustable calf-support to recharge little legs for leaping buildings.
- Supa is a master of disguise, with a 4 way reversible Cosy Toes and Kanga pouch for snug web-shooting paws.
- Freestanding when folded for super stashing till the next Supa mission. Think bike stand.
- Adjustable handle height for pushing tall or on the low.
- Built-in sunshade acts as an invisibility cloak for when your imp’s incognito.
- Cosatto’s ground breaking 4 year guarantee ensures superpowers


Weight: 8kg

  • Size:  H: 110cm  W: 48.5cm  D: 78cm
  • Folded Size:  L: 104cm  W: 27cm  H: 35cm
  • Handle Height:  101cm - 103cm