Joie i-Quest Signature Car Seat – Oyster


Meet the innovative travel mate with deep and dreamy recline that’s made to handle the ups and downs of every adventure.

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Growing system

Partner with the i-Base™ lx and i-Level™ seat for laidback travel all the way from baby to big kid.

10 position recline

The deep forward or rearward recline is made for that laidback life.

Tri-Protect™ headrest

Exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest featuring Intelli-Fit™ memory foam that’s engineered for optimal head and neck security.

Guard Surround Safety™ headrest

Guard Surround Safety™ side impact protection panels slow down impact before it reaches your precious passenger.

7 position headrest

The headrest and harness adjust simultaneously to quickly match passengers of different sizes with one perfect fit.

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