SnuzSurface Adaptable SnuzKot Mattress


Introducing SnuzSurface, the next generation baby mattress that adapts as they grow! With a patent-pending TripleCore™ design, easily change the layers inside to provide your little one with the best support for each stage of their development.

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Adaptable baby mattress with TripleCore™ technology

• Suitable from birth to approx. 7 years
• Easily change the layers inside for a support to suit your child’s age:
o Support 1 (Baby 0-12m): SnüzSurface comes set up ready for use in the baby support stage, with a firm, flat surface that’s recommended by sleep experts
o Support 2 (Toddler 12m-3yrs): As your baby grows, so does your mattress. Simply unzip and re-order the foam layers inside for a medium-level, progressive support
o Support 3 (Child up to 7 years): When it’s time, switch the layers to account for your child’s changing size and weight
• Removable washable cover
• Waterproof surface
• Pocket spring comfort and durability
• Anti dust-mite
How it works
To change the level of firmness simply unzip the mattress cover and re-order the comfort layers inside; it’s that simple.
SnuzSurface comes set up ready for your baby, with a firm, flat surface that’s recommended by safe sleep experts. As your baby grows, so does your mattress. Simply unzip and re-order the layers inside for a comfortable, progressive support. Then when it’s time, switch the layers to take into account changing size and weight of your child.
• Size: 68x118x11cm
• Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials (cover & foam layers)
• Removable washable waterproof cover (40 degrees)
• Conforms to BS EN 16890:2017
• 2-year guarantee
Care & Guidance
Ensure you open the mattress as soon as you receive it, using the safety cutter provided. Leave for 7 days to let your mattress unroll and take form.
Always ensure your baby sleeps on the white waterproof surface. Do not turn your mattress.
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector for added convenience when washing.
Your mattress comes set up ready for use in the baby support stage. Instructions for how to change the comfort layer for toddler and child stages are included on a label inside the mattress.



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Size: 68x118x11cm