Our Baby Essentials for Your Summer Adventures

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Summer is on its way, and it surely screams adventure! If you’re one of those families who wouldn’t ever give up some exciting fun for anything in the world, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer travels with your little ones. However, when travelling with a baby, you must pay attention to countless important aspects, such as comfort, convenience, practicality, and safety, to make sure both you and your children enjoy a fantastic time together.

So, whether you’re organising a short weekend getaway or a full-blown family holiday, in this blog, we’ll use our extensive experience to share the best products and tips to make sure you have the right baby gear for a carefree trip! Now, grab your sunscreen and sunglasses, and let’s dive into the must-have baby essentials for your summer adventures!

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Embrace the Journey: Ergobaby Baby Carriers

Ready to venture into the world with your baby explorer? If so, you need the latest in convenience and comfort: the Ergobaby baby carriers range. This brand is characterised by exceptional versatility, gentle materials, and great ergonomic design to keep your baby snug and secure while you go about your day.

Omni Breeze

At Simply Baby, we are proud to stock the complete Omni Breeze carrier collection in various elegant colours. With these carriers, Ergobaby once again excels at guaranteeing the maximum well-being of you and your little one. Thanks to its simple yet sturdy design, innovative mesh fabric, and breathable design, the Omni Breeze keeps you both cool even on the hottest summer days, while its versatile carrying positions—including front-facing, hip, and back—allow you to adapt to your baby’s needs as they grow and develop.


A person holding a baby in a baby carrier

Alongside the Omni Breeze range, we also offer the Ergobaby Embrace series, which gently cradles your baby in a natural position, promoting healthy hip development and ensuring maximum comfort to you both. Its excellent design and breathable fabric make it simple to use, with easy-to-adjust straps and buckles that allow you to personalise the fit to your body fully for a perfect blend of cosiness and closeness.

Whether you choose to explore the great outdoors or navigate busy city streets, both these carriers provide you with exceptional comfort and support, so your hands are free, and you can focus on making beautiful family memories!

Maxi-Cosi Nomad Plus: Comfort On the Go

A black baby car seat

As parents, we know that your child’s safety on the road is always a top priority! Among many travel car seats, the Maxi-Cosi Nomad Plus is the perfect companion for your summer adventures, and we’re pleased to be Maxi-Cosi stockists. This smart foldable toddler car seat is specifically designed for on-the-go families to combine safety, comfort, and convenience all in one. Let’s take a closer look at its pluses!

  • Design: compact and practical, it makes it easy for you to pack it up and take it with you wherever you go, allowing you to travel light without compromising on safety.
  • Safety: the Maxi-Cosi Nomad Plus is equipped with features, including advanced side-impact protection and a five-point harness system, to keep your little one safe at all times. Its soft plush padding and adjustable recline guarantee your child is cosy and comfortable during long journeys, and you both will better enjoy the adventure together.

So, buckle up and hit the road, your child will travel with you safely and in style!

A white and black baby crib

Sweet Dreams on the Move: Silver Cross’ Slumber and Joie’s Kubbie Travel Cots

If relaxing campsites where the sounds of nature can lull your baby and help him relax and fall asleep are planned as part of your holidays, then you can’t do without our travel cots! With Silver Cross’ Slumber and Joie’s Kubbie travel cots, you can turn any site, whether it’s by the beach or in a park, into your baby’s room and help them get a restful night’s sleep away from home.

Silver Cross’ Slumber

This cot is a true gem and is available in our baby shop. With its elegant yet sturdy design, it’s extremely easy to set it up, giving you more time to enjoy precious moments with your family. Its breathable mesh sides provide good airflow, keeping your baby cool and comfortable throughout the night. What’s more, the included mattress offers your little one the right support so that they wake up refreshed and full of energy for another adventure!

Joie’s Kubbie

If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly alternative that still offers great quality, Joie’s Kubbie is the answer. This travel cot stands out for its lightweight and compact size, which makes it perfect for dynamic families ready to hit the road. Featuring an easy-to-fold design and a convenient travel bag, it’s extremely practical and can be packed up easily to go wherever your summer travels take you!

Rolling in Style with Compact Travel Strollers

A baby in a stroller

If your summer adventures involve many activities, such as hiking trails, long walks in nature, or taking the bus to visit monuments and historic sites, then moving around just got a lot easier with our fantastic lineup of stylish yet compact travel strollers!

Bugaboo Butterfly: a Marvel of Engineering and Design

We’re not afraid to call the Bugaboo Butterfly stroller the epitome of urban chic! Its nimble manoeuvrability allows it to glide through crowded sidewalks and narrow alleys effortlessly. With its one-handed fold and lightweight structure, you’ll easily hop on and off public transport or navigate tight spaces!

Cosatto Yo! Yo!, a Pop of Personality

Look no further than the Cosatto Yo! Yo! This funky and vibrant stroller features eye-catching patterns and a playful design that will make it stand out. And if this is not enough, the Cosatto Yo! Yo! is designed to guarantee your baby a smooth ride with options like adjustable recline positions and a spacious seat.

Silver Cross Clic: Style and Functionality

This pushchair, especially in the new cobble colourway, is a real must-have. With its premium fabrics and sleek design, this stroller exudes sophistication while offering all the practical features you need for your summer adventures.

When Elegance Meets Versatility: Cybex Beezy Beezy

Cybex Beezy Beezy, especially in its almond beige version, is the perfect choice for fashion-forward families on the move. With its compact fold and all-terrain wheels, you’ll find yourself tackling any surface with ease.

All you have to do is pack your bags and travel in style; these strollers are as ready for adventure as you are!

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Summer Baby Essentials and Handy Accessories

Of course, summer travels demand all the baby essentials that will keep your baby safe, comfortable, and happy along the way! So, what are the must-haves you should always be sure you pack in your suitcase?

  • Sun protection shades. Remember, your baby is delicate and needs to be protected from the sun as much as possible! So, these shades are a game-changer for sunny days spent outdoors. Easy to attach to your stroller, they offer effective UV protection to keep your baby cool and protected from the harsh effects of sun rays. With adjustable angles and breathable mesh fabric, they offer customisable coverage to suit your little one’s needs.
  • Travel bags for prams. Anyone who has used them will confirm that they are a lifesaver for keeping your gear well-organised and protected during transit. Whether you’re checking your pram at the airport or stashing it in the trunk of your car, these bags give an extra layer of protection against nasty things like dirt, dust, and damage.
  • Cup holders, snack trays, and rain covers. All these items are exceptionally handy and will make all the difference during your summer travels, so don’t underrate them!

Now, you’re all geared up and ready for a summer filled with memorable moments with your baby!

At Simply Baby Lancaster, we’ve got all the summer travel essentials you need to enjoy a stress-free and memorable holiday with your baby! From top-notch baby carriers and travel car seats to compact strollers and handy accessories, we’ve carefully selected the best products to make sure your family’s adventures are safe, comfortable, and fun.

Visit our store or contact us online to book a personal shopping experience. Our expert team are here to help you make the most of your summer with your baby!

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