Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods

One of the most exciting moments in your baby’s first year of life is the transition to solid foods. You shouldn’t, however, rush into introducing solid food – your baby will let you know when it’s time! If you’re eager to get your baby on a more varied diet, be sure to keep an eye out for the telltale signs.

While knowing when to begin introducing food to your baby is relatively easy, be sure to avoid making some common mistakes!


Mistake #1: Your Baby’s Age

One of the first signs your baby is ready for solid foods is age; you should speak to your baby’s health care provider first, but solid food shouldn’t be introduced before the six-month mark. Introducing your baby to solid food too soon can bring about a multitude of health issues that will continue for life.

Celiac disease, food allergy, eczema, and other health issues are more likely to be developed due to your baby’s immune system not being ready to process the food.


Mistake #2: Bland Food

You may think that bland food is better for your baby’s stomach but exposing your baby to a wide variety of flavours can encourage your baby to eat all kinds of foods. Encourage your baby to try new flavours and textures!


Mistake #3: Not Enough Nutrients

When your baby is growing, the first two years are very important for both body and brain growth. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin D, and zinc are some of the most important ones to ensure your baby eats.


Mistake #4: Waiting Too Long

Don’t put off introducing your baby to solid foods in fear of allergies or other situations happening. It might cause them to not grow properly, make them sensitive to foods and their texture, and delay vital developmental skills. Just monitor your baby’s tolerance as they eat for choking or allergy responses.


Mistake #5: Overfeeding

One of the most common mistakes parents make is ignoring your baby’s signs of satisfaction when eating. If your baby is showing general disinterest in food, turning away, or shaking their head ‘no’, then it’s a good sign they feel full.

Don’t encourage your baby to keep eating and finish the meal – it will only teach them not to listen to their body telling them they’re full and it may lead to overeating problems.


If your baby is ready to start eating, here at Simply Baby Lancaster we have a wide range of highchairs that are perfect – and rather cute – for your baby to have a fun mealtime. Get in touch with our lovely and friendly team and we’ll happily help you with any questions you might have!

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