8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Becoming a Mum

When you first announce your exciting news, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the tips and advice that everyone and anyone will want to “pass on” to you. You’ll also find yourself reading every parenting book, magazine and website article that you can get your hands on. Surely you know everything there is to know now right?

Not exactly. There are some things that no one tells you about when it comes to welcoming motherhood…

You Will Cry A lot

Girl crying desperately lying on a couch at home with a lot of wipes

You will find yourself becoming emotional at the most ridiculous things – both during and after pregnancy. In fact, you’ll cry at almost anything and no one (we mean no one) will be able to tell you otherwise. Let those tears fall!

Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy

mother feeding breast her baby in the bed. sleeping together

It’s tough – really, really tough. Sometimes it isn’t the right thing for you and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you find yourself struggling and overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to say enough is enough too.

You Will Sympathise With Other Parents

A sad child lies on the gravel of a school playground.

Remember those dirty looks you use to shoot parents of loud and noisy children? If you could take it back, you definitely would. You’ll find yourself sympathising with all parents – you’re now one of them after all.

You’ll Suddenly Be Upstaged (But You Won’t Care)

Group Of Female Friends Meeting For Baby Shower At Home

After being the centre of attention for a full 9 months, your baby will come along and fully steal the limelight from you. Everybody wants to know about the baby and everybody wants to give presents FOR the baby! You’ll even become second best to your partner (and you’ll be completely okay with it).

You’ll Lose Friends (And Gain New Ones)

Girls Friendship Smiling Summer Vacations Together Concept

Having a baby is a fantastic way of working out who your true friends are. There is nothing more effective than having a baby when it comes to weeding out the people who weren’t ever close friends – they won’t want to know when you can no longer go out every weekend. But don’t worry – you’ll make lots of new “mum” friends too!

You’ll Get Soppy Watching Baby & Daddy Together

Father playing with his little happy and smiling baby daughter

It doesn’t matter how much your partner really annoys you during the day, the minute you see him with your baby, you’ll instantly become both soppy and emotional. You’ll forget why he annoyed you in the first place.

You Will Question Yourself All The Time

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

You will question yourself all the time. Am I doing this right?  What if this is wrong? Don’t panic – no one has all the answers!

It’s All Worth It

Young african american mother playing with her baby girl

Despite everything that you experience during pregnancy or afterwards, there is nothing more special and rewarding than becoming a mum.


Simply Baby are here to make parenting that little bit easier for you. From the day you bring home your newborn to putting them asleep in their own bed as a toddler – we have everything you need to make these milestones memorable.

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