Practical Gift Ideas For Your 1 Year Old

Your child’s first birthday is an exciting and overwhelming occasion. You probably can’t believe how fast the first year has gone – your baby is growing up so fast! Apart from planning how you can celebrate this huge milestone, you will also have to start thinking about essential items needed for the next stage of their life.

Preparing for the toddler years doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. By purchasing the necessary items at the right time, you’ll be fully prepared for the next year of your child’s life!

Car Seat

As your baby starts to grow, you will need to consider replacing items that no longer serve their purpose anymore. For example, the car seat you bought for your newborn will become redundant as your baby grows bigger. A new car seat is required for children who have reached 22 pounds – they are now too big for an infant seat. A new rear facing infant-toddler seat is what you should purchase.

High Chair

If your child isn’t already using a high chair, now would be the ideal time to start looking at introducing one into meal times. If your baby is sitting perfectly without any assistance, a high chair is a good way to give them some independence. There are lots of different types available, such as those that come with a detachable tray or hook directly into your table.

Sippy Cups

Once your child has fully mastered the bottle – they are holding it by themselves – you should think about introducing them to a sippy cup. A sippy cup is basically an infants cup that comes with a lid and spout – making it incredibly easy for a young child to drink from. It also means that they can be knocked over without causing too much mess.

Green plastic baby drinking cup

The pram that is required for a newborn is a lot different to the one that your one-year-old (and that age onwards) will require. As they grow, they are less likely to need a pram that is primarily designed for sleeping. Therefore you could consider switching to one that allows your child to see what is going around them whilst they are out and about.

Simply Baby are you one stop shop high quality prams, car seats and travel accessories. We fully understand that it can be difficult to transition from baby to toddler, which is why we are here to make the process smoother.

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