Gift Guide For Older Babies

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start adding gifts to your child’s mountain of presents under the Christmas tree.

As your baby starts to approach infanthood, buying gifts can become a bit of a challenge for parents.

So, we here at Simply Baby have put together a comprehensive guide to gifts for your child to save you some time!

A new-born baby is holding a cuddly toy in his little hands.

Soft Toys

This is among the most popular gifts for children, and a must for your child this Christmas.

Soft toys are suitable for children of all ages and by finding the perfect cuddly toy for your child, you could be adding a new and fluffy member to the family.

Many children form an inseparable bond between themselves and one of their first soft toys, so why wouldn’t you buy them their dream soft toy this Christmas?.

Simply Baby have an adorable range of soft toys for both boys and girls, come in store to find your child’s perfect cuddly toy.

Travel Toys

This is a great gift for both parent and child, a travel toy can be a life saver for helping to keep your child entertained while you’re on the go.

Boredom in the car can be an issue for older babies because they are less likely to sleep, as they begin to grow and become more aware of their surroundings.

Little baby girl in a car in a child seat
We here at Simply Baby know just how important keeping your child entertained is, so you can focus on driving to your destination safely.

We stock a wide range of travel toys that will keep your child entertained for the duration of your journey with a selection of soft animals and mobiles available.

Playmats And Gyms

If you are looking to get your child learning and interacting with objects, a playmat and gym could be the ideal gift for your baby this Christmas.

A playmat and gym will ensure your child is kept entertained for plenty of time with various colourful parts to keep your child’s mind active.

Most sets come with many functions to keep even the most restless of babies busy, and you can find extra extensions to keep your child learning new things.

Baby Playing - iStock_000059728588_Medium

This Christmas, you should browse our collection of mobiles for your child. They make a great gift and can make a real difference to your babies sleep throughout the night.

A mobile can be seen as something that is aimed at a younger child, but it has many benefits for children coming towards infanthood too.

They can act as a comforter for children when it comes to sleeping at night and can help your child have a better sleep, which is a great gift for both parent and baby!

Silver Cross Doll Pram

For the perfect gift for your little girl, look no further than our beautiful collection of Silver Cross Doll Prams.

Getting your child up and walking is the among some of the most exciting moments of parenthood. To aid this process, you can purchase a Silver Cross Doll Pram which your little girl will adore and use to ferry her doll around all day long.

This is a gift that will stay in the family for generations and is among the most precious presents that a parent can buy for their baby girl.

You can contact us directly for more information on our range of Silver Cross Doll Prams.

If you have any further questions on gifts for your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online here. Or you can call us on 01524 66888 and speak to one of our experts over the phone.

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