Tips for Picking the Perfect Pram

Preparing for a baby can be a stressful time in your life. There are so many things that they need and it can be hard remembering to buy them all, but one thing that is an essential and hard to forget is the pram. Your baby needs a mode of transportation that will make trips out of the house, infrequent as they may feel in the first few months, smoother and easier.

Choosing a pram may seem like an impossible task, but by keeping a few points in mind you can find yourself with the pram of your (and your baby’s) dreams!

Set a Budget

A pram can cost you less than £100, or you can pay something over £1,000 for a model with the best name and fanciest fabric, but a high price doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a dream to push. Not everyone can afford the same and you should consider what you are able to spend before shopping for a pram; babies are expensive and you need to spread the budget out over the various necessities your little one will need.

A similar pushchair can be purchased at a lower and a higher cost, so you should be aware that the style or design you have your heart set on isn’t necessarily out of your reach. The higher cost comes with more gadgets, but you still find the same quality and beautiful aesthetics in each pram.


The style of your pram will be a case of personal taste for the most part, but bear in mind whether or not you want it to be a pram or a pushchair; not all pushchairs can support a newborn so you should consider this before buying if only one is in your budget. A baby should be six months before you put their seat into the most upright position, so if necessary you have plenty of time to buy a second pram if necessary that is more in the style of your dreams.


Prams that easily fold away, that can be transported efficiently and are not too large to store in most homes are what you need to look for when shopping. Other considerations of practicality include a pram with a brake pedal, adjustable handles, padding for extra support, reversible seat and which come with a considerable shopping basket for storage purposes.  The practicalities of a pram should not be overlooked in favour of a cute design.

Get your baby the best seat to explore the world in here at Simply Baby. If you need help buying a pram or pushchair for your baby, then get in touch with us by calling us on 01524 66888. Our fantastic team are happy to help with all of your enquiries!

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