Tips on Flying With Your Baby

A family trip is always a lot of fun, particularly when it’s the first vacation your little ones take. If you’re planning to fly to a destination with your baby, it can be an ordeal to avoid a screaming and unhappy baby. Making sure that you are as ready as you can be will avoid you being frustrated, and it will give you a more pleasant flight.


Planning Ahead

While planning for every eventuality is impossible, planning ahead goes a long way. Inform your airline that you’re travelling with a baby before you fly – it will help them to help you board the flight. Make sure to reserve seats in advance so you get seats that give you easy access to the bathroom and to the overhead luggage compartment.


Feeding Your Baby

To avoid a screaming baby, make sure to feed them just before flying and after landing. Feeding your baby before take-off will increase the chances of them sleeping and being more comfortable during the flight.

Wearing baggier clothes can help you nurse discreetly if you’re breastfeeding. If you have a nursing pillow, make sure to pack it with your carry on. Aeroplane seats aren’t the most comfortable due to being narrow, and a nursing pillow will allow you to comfortable prop you baby in the right nursing position.


(Over) Pack the Essentials

Being stuck in a plane with no diapers can be a nightmare. While a heavy bag is inconvenient, you need to ensure you pack the basic necessities your baby will need, plus a few extra just in case. Flights often get delayed or cancelled, and you might not have a chance of buying diapers or other essentials. Changing bags will help you to keep everything organised.


Protect Your Baby’s Ears

When you fly, you might find your ears being affected by the change in pressure and altitude. While you know why your ears are hurting and popping and are likely to see this as an inconvenience, your baby won’t know what’s happening and can’t counteract these effects. It’s vital to protect your baby’s ears when on a plane, to make sure they don’t hurt – and that you minimise any potential screaming.

Make sure to nurse your baby, as sucking on something helps minimise the effects of pressure. As dehydration can make pain worse, don’t forget a bottle with water for you older baby to drink on the flight. Breastfeeding should be enough for a younger baby.

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